St. Helen's Choir

A website to help us keep in touch, and to keep worshipping through our music, during the Covid-19 suspension. This website is primarily intended for members of the choir, but anyone else who wishes is very welcome to drop in.

Latest from the Blog

5th July

So, this weekend lots of things start to open up again. You can visit a pub or restaurant (I haven’t yet, but soon). You can go into another person’s house (in my family we very much enjoyed visiting my daughter today). You can get your hair cut. You can go on holiday. A few activities […]

21st June

Today’s choice of music is my celebration of being able to go back to the organ. Church organs have been more-or-less silent since the beginning of April. However, a week ago I am very happy to say the lockdown rules were relaxed slightly to allow organists to start practising again. Here is a recording of […]

14th June – Music Sunday

The Royal School of Church Music (to which St. Helen’s is affiliated) has made a habit of celebrating Music Sunday on a day of its choice each year: today is it. Obviously reflecting on and giving thanks for the contribution music makes to our public and private worship is more of a challenge than normal […]

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