St. Helen's Choir

A website to help us keep in touch, and to keep worshipping through our music, during the Covid-19 suspension. This website is primarily intended for members of the choir, but anyone else who wishes is very welcome to drop in.

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The feast day when we remember the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples. Often known as the ‘birthday of the church’. There is a very long tradition of Hymnody for today, and the plainsong hymn Veni creator spiritus (usually translated as ‘Come Holy Ghost our souls inspire’) dates back to about 800 AD. […]

The Seventh Sunday of Easter

During the nine days between Ascension Day and Pentecost, members of St. Helen’s are considering the theme the Fruit of the Spirit. This series of reflections may be found here. Today’s hymn, recorded remotely by members of the choir, links to this theme.

Ascension Day

For Ascension Day, St. Helen’s choir is pleased to offer a première! Psalm 47 is the psalm which usually features in today’s liturgy, and the phrase ‘God is gone up…’ finds its way into some wonderful Ascension day pieces by composers from Gibbons to Finzi. Since this music is a little difficult to perform under […]

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